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Better Living


For over 15 years, QLEARPLUS has been an innovator in product design and manufacturing management, specifically in the area of “light”. Through vigilant processes, and our world class quality control and testing centre in Hong Kong, we design and produce excellent products for better living.

At QLEARPLUS, we believe in sustainability, quality, and accuracy. We promise to deliver products of the highest quality to our customers.

Research and Development in UVC

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Research & Development in Blue Light Protection



Your glasses definitely makes a difference! My wife no longer has headache after day at work looking at her computer screen.

Roger Ducati, NSW

With Norya, it is just so easy to give toys a quick scan over and make sure it is sanitized before letting my girl play with it. It's Awsome!

Amanda Lopez, FL

Love it! Ever since i use this for my makeup brushes, I no longer get allergy or red patches on my face! Never would have thought...

Greta Rizzo, Venice