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For over 15 years, HOPPER CREATIVE GROUP (HCG) has been innovator in product design and manufacturing management. Through vigilant processes, and our world class quality control and testing centre in Hong Kong, HCG focuses on four major segments:

Research in Light Science and Optic Technology
Industrial Quality & Research
Product Design Development and Research
High Tech Manufacturing and Management

Throughout the years, HCG has organically grown with our customers fulfilling their needs by developing, producing and distributing highly innovative solutions.

In 2018, we ventured into researching light and optic technology. That led to the birth of a self branded product line, QLEARPLUS. At Qlearplus, a series of blue-light glasses were created as solution to filter and balance light energy for everyday living.

In 2020, with its in-depth understanding of light rays, QLEARPLUS was declared an official authorized distributor by several manufacturers, including CleanTrust for distributing sanitizing products worldwide.


As a group, HCG continues to build up its portfolio, aligned with future growth areas such as digitalization, automation and smart production. HCG and its subsidiaries aim to shape the future of technology, with the goal to constantly advance the world of optics and related fields with innovative solutions.

You can count on the company for its excellence, expertise, responsiveness, and confidentiality in all products and services purchased and provided through QLEARPLUS. Any products purchased through QLEARPLUS have true quality assurance and are backed by factory warranty

The group will continue to invest in research and development, much of which has already found success, and will continue to do so by expanding the development of quality products for Better Living.


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