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The QLEARPLUS Policy is the core principle of business:


The brand, Products and Customer Satisfaction

Our brand stands for the promise that QLEARPLUS delivers to its customers. We focus all of our activities on achieving continuous success and a strong reputation in the industry. We have a passion for seeing our customers’ satisfaction and confidence with our products. QLEARPLUS' products and services excel through innovation, reliability, quality, safety and user-friendliness. They aim to deliver effective, precise and optimal results in line with their intended field of application.

Employees, Health and Safety

The Group sees our employees as the core of the company who play a major role in ensuring the success of the Group. We invest in the training of our employees, allocate responsibility to them and recognize their achievements. To ensure the safety of all our employees we implement preventive measures with health and safety in mind and implement measures that reduces occupational injury and illnesses.

Social Responsibility and Compliance

The Group is committed to comply with the relevant legal obligations, in particular with regard to product quality, product safety, health and safety, environmental protection which developing and delivering products that better living. 

Relationships with Business Partners

The Group believes in sustainable business relations and long term development with our partners. The Group will always work with our partners to uplift and strengthen relationship in mind while always remember and remind on the practice of all relevant policies.

Continuous Improvement in Practice and Processes

The Group believes in continuous improvements. For all practice and processes it is part of our fundamental believes that there are always ways to improve and develop, aiming to create better and and achieve further for all work carried out.

Compliance is an essential component that guides all of our business-related actions and behavior.